Take back control of your cash flow.

    If you haven’t tried hard to take your practice to the next level, there's little we can do for you. But if you're producing more than ever and still having problems with cash flow and not saving for retirement,
    you need specialized help.


    Don’t get caught off-guard again.

    A tax surprise ruins your cash flow and stops your retirement savings for months. Bad tax advice will kill you. Good accounting can make you millions. Get help that’s tailored to the needs of top-performing dentists.


    Your legacy is everything to you.

    What's your name going to be worth after you're gone? Is the idea of adding an associate or partner so frightening that you’re paralyzed? Don’t wait, don’t make the transition alone, and don’t settle for a cookie-cutter solution. Or worse: a transition that doesn’t work.

  1. Financial

  2. Tax

  3. Practice

You've worked hard to build the best practice you can, but you're not seeing the results at home. 

You're producing $1 million a year but still have problems with taxes, cash flow, and retirement savings. You've tried everything, asked advisor after advisor, and it feels like nobody else understands. We're not here for emergency cases or quick fixes. But if this sounds like you, we’ve cracked the code to fix your practice and help you become a multi-millionaire.

“I don't really like business that much, and unfortunately when you start your own practice you're totally in business and I wasn't prepared for that. For a number of years we floundered...What Jason did for us is he organized us in terms of how we're going to invest, and how we're going to save for retirement.”

Dr. Dave Butler